Professional Projects

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Aug 2019
Watchet Festival

Yogcon #1
Jul 2019
Weston Pride
Bristol Pride
Iron Acton Mash in the Meadows
May 2019
Larisa Love X Joico Event
Apr 2019
'Hopping Mad' — The One Show — BBC One

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Working with Off The Fence, I was involved with a segment for BBC One’s “The One Show” titled “Hopping Mad” where to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Space Hopper in the UK, Kate Thornton looked at their history and gethered 50 hopper enthusiasts for a thrilling hop-off at Bath Racecourse.

In the day of the event I was brought in as a runner, spending the majority of the day operating an FS5 gathering interviews, B-rolls and the wide overview of the race.

Sep 2018
What The Fish!
Apr 2018
'No more MOT' — The One Show — BBC One

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Working with Endemol’s Tigress Productions, I helped create a segment for BBC One’s “The One Show” titled “No More MOT” in which Michael Douglas explored the impact of new legislation which would make cars over 40 years old exempt from requiring an MOT.

On the segment I was hired as a runner, and for the majority of the shoot was responsible for operating the boom mic and looking after Micheal’s mic pack.